Suerogold 12 Pack 16oz Each

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SueroGold provides you with 100% GreenFed cultured whey in a certified organic tonic dairy beverage with probiotics and a high dose of electrolyte minerals.

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Whey has been prized for thousands of years but is virtually missing in many individuals diets. With 100% GreenFed Cultured Whey SueroGold offers a certied organic whey beverage that includes probiotics and electrolyte minerals including potassium a key mineral that many deficient in. SueroGold is a refreshing dairy beverage that you can drink straight as a tonic elixir use to cooking and baking or add to smoothies for a boost in nutrients. Should be refrigerated upon arrival.


Calcium, Pasteurized GreenFed Organic Cultured Whey, Probiotic Cultures.

Cultured Whey made from Grade A milk.