Fit+Pro Weight Mgmt Shake Vanilla Creme

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A nutrient-rich weight Managment shake.


FIT+pro™ is a nutrient-rich weight Mgmt shake featuring a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and 20 grams of protein. The proprietary FIT+pro™ Blend contains whey protein, immune-boosting egg powder, a shelf-stable probiotic blend and enzyme blend, and Svetol®; a natural plant extract that supports healthy blood sugar levels. Plus, it includes 4 grams of dietary fiber to help you feel fuller, longer. FIT+pro™ was designed to give you the nutrients you need to improve absorption and digestion, nourish your body and support effective weight Mgmt.*

A nutrient-rich weight Managment shake.featuring a comprehensive blend of vitamins , minerals , amino acids and 20 grams of protein , including immune-boosting egg powder.