Body Breakthrough Pack 2

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The Body Breakthrough Pack 2 will help transform your health in a 30 day foundational program.


The Body Breakthrough Pack 2 contains a 30-day supply of the Taislim Total Body Systems (Ttbs) to help you get in the best shape of your life! The Ttbs is the revolutionary program for healthy weight mgmt and helps transform your health. The proprietary Ttbs has the backing of more than 40 published or presented studies at prestigious scientific conferences. It features innovations that are protected by two patents and two patents pending.

The Body Breakthrough Pack includes: (2) Taislim® Shake – Rich Chocolate, (2) Taislim® Shake – Creamy Vanilla, (4) Taislim® liquid, and (1) Taislim® Skinnys™ – Chocolate Decadence.